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Results are the Success of getting Organized

Common challenges are positively impacted when you become more organized
These real life solutions can be applied to your life

Organizing Challenge

Clutter Prevents Home Sale

Grandma Elisha, 93 years old, moved into a retirement community over one year ago and no one could help clear out the remaining contents of her home to prepare it for sale.

She had three grown children, all of whom lived out of state and were unable to provide their time and resources to go through a life time of possessions.

Our solution:

After the realtor contacted me, I created a detailed inventory of her belongings, identified those that would be handed down to family members and arranged to donate the rest to her favorite charity.

The result:

Not only did her family receive cherished possessions and memories of Grandma, but the house “Sold” in the first showing.

Organizing Challenge

Too much stuff – Not enough space

Brenda, the Executive Director of the local Chamber of Commerce, complained she could never find project supplies in a timely manner.

She wasted time and energy attempting to retrieve the necessary items for specific activities of the day. In addition to her administrative duties, she was required to plan and set up multiple events throughout the day.

Our solution:

We sorted and categorized the items related to specific events and how often its used. We installed a simple shelving system and containerized the items inside square plastic bins.

The result:

This made it quick for Brenda to see the contents of each bin and easily retrieve the bin for transport to her event. She now knows exactly what she has and spends little time searching for and  replenishing supplies.

Three months later and Still benefiting from the Purple Durple episode!

Edgar Lopez

Owner, All Season's Landscaping

What our Clients are Saying...

We at the Zion-Benton Public Library can attest to Randy’s expertise. He worked with our four departments to de-clutter closets and desk drawers…the result is terrific!”

Nann Blaine Hilyard

Director, Zion-Benton Public Library District

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Organizing Challenge

Garage Clutter Prevents Accessibility

After moving into their new home about 3 years ago, Janet was challenged with the space in her garage to store and organize her children’s bikes, toys and sports equipment. Additionally, her husband Mike did not have adequate storage and space to store and organize his lawn care and car care items. The area they allocated for these things had become a dumping zone for cast off home repair items and all sorts of related miscellaneous clutter. As a result they could no longer function in an efficient manner and called me for help.

Our solution:

The first thing we did was to identify and clean out everything that was unnecessary;  old paint cans, left over flooring tiles, pieces of unused wood trim among other things.  We then designed a garage organization and storage systems based on the items she intended to keep. This included installing cabinets, shelving and systems to hang lawn care items, kid’s toys and bikes all in specific zones. We even included a workshop for Mike’s car care items.

The result:

With everything now stored and organized within their specific zones and no clutter clogging the way, everyone can now easily access what they want when they want it and it’s simple and easy to put away, especially for the kids! Janet is amazed at the result and even has a specific space for her gardening items, which she really enjoys.

Cluttered Garage Before Purple Durple Organizers
Organized Garage After Purple Durple Organizers

Organizing Challenge

Office Supply Storage Overloaded with Clutter

When Brian first established the shelving units to store office supplies he envisioned a neat and orderly place where he and his staff could easily access, inventory and order all the necessary supplies they would need. As his business grew and the required supplies multiplied, he soon discovered not only did the supply shelving become inaccessible, but because of the clutter, they could not determine what they had on hand or what items to reorder.

Our solution:

Sort and group items into logical categories and create supply zones based on needs and demand.

The result:

A de-cluttered office supply shelving unit that provides efficient and effective use of space with ample room to grow.

Cluttered and Disorganized Storage Before Purple Durple Organizers
Clutterfree and Organized Storage After Purple Durple Organizers
Clutterfree and Organized Storage After Purple Durple Organizers

Organizing Challenge

Kitchen Remodeling Project Canceled because of Clutter

Vicki has lived in her home for 20 years and planned to update her kitchen and give it a makeover. She hired a contractor and set a date for early spring. Soon that day arrived and she excitedly greeted the workmen but was dismayed to learn they do not take responsibility for clearing out the cupboards and removing all the appliances and associated accessories.

Our solution:

We de-cluttered the contents of the kitchen and decided what will stay and what will be no longer needed. We then consulted with the contractor to create and construct new “homes” for the best efficient use of the appliances and established new zones based on her cooking needs.

The result:

A modern functional kitchen with plenty of counter space to prepare family meals and a pantry designed to store and hold a variety of goods.

Cluttered Kitchen Before Purple Durple Organizers
Organized Kitchen After Purple Durple Organizers

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