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Accumulated clutter may not seem like much, but all that stuff can have a negative impact on your well-being, not to mention your sanity. It often makes you feel like you have a never-ending to-do list… like a pile of laundry that always needs to be put away, constantly cluttered counters to clean up and piles of papers that always needs to be sorted through.

Having the right types of storage systems in place makes the difference between a temporary fix and long-term organized bliss. Having all your belongings it their rightful place… be it a bin, a box, or a basket establishes the foundation for organizational success! Do it only once and when every little thing is in an assigned ‘home’, it’s simple and easy to keep clutter from accumulating.

These are the must have organizing systems that professional organizers use over and over again with their clients. Most, if not all of them serve dual purposes in a variety of ways. Incorporate, implement and invest in these storage systems and watch your organized dreams come true!

Drawer Dividers

Without any structure in place, the inside of drawers can often get cluttered. Kitchen gadgets get haphazardly thrown in and misplaced, and even neatly placed things often get messy without a system to keep them in place. Draw dividers help keep everything stay neat and organized.

Sweater Boxes

One of my favorite storage systems can be used in multiple ways and are incredibly functional. They can be stacked and neatly stored just about anywhere… on shelves, in cabinets and even under the bed. That’s why ‘Sweater Boxes’ are a great solution for organizing a variety of items like linens, purses, and, yes, even sweaters.

A Lazy Susan Turntable

Another of my favorites is a Lazy Susan. Their so useful in kitchen cabinets and pantries, under kitchen and bathroom sinks, and even in supply cabinets where deep areas and corners are hard to reach.

Decorative Baskets

Multiple sized Baskets are an essential storage system and a necessary component for almost anywhere in the house. Use them to store and organize handbags, keep gloves, hats and scarves organized in a closet, kids’ toys and game pieces in a playroom, and even all those electronic cords, adapters and power transformers that always seem to get tangled up in a drawer.

Over the Door Shoe Organizers

Not just for shoes, but for jewelry, crafting supplies, and just about anything else that needs to be stored and organized when space is in short supply. They don’t necessarily have to hang over a door and can be hung on a wall and actually be used just about anywhere. Hang one in a linen closet for hand towels and facecloths or use it in the bathroom to store makeup, hair accessories, and first aid supplies. Hang one in your pantry for snacks, spice packets, and small jars of condiments.

Clear See Through Food Storage Containers

Pantries and food storage cabinets often get cluttered and look messy due to the mismatched sizes of product packaging. Store your food items like bags of rice, beans and flours into airtight containers, it not only maximizes available space, but keeps your food fresh and flavorful much longer. They can also be used in other areas of the home to store a variety of things, like office supplies such as staples, rubber bands and paper clips, batteries, small electronics such as flash drives and even odds and ends that often get thrown into a ‘junk’ drawer.

Choose containers that are square and rectangle in shape that make it easy to stack and store and take up less space.

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