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What I hear most often when I’m working with my clients is the comment “but I don’t have enough space for all my stuff!”

My reply is almost always “the amount of space one has is usually never an issue, it’s how you utilize and maximize your space to best accommodate your needs that counts.”

Implement these strategies into your organizing plan and you’ll discover you probably have more usable space then you imagined.

The Five Best Ways for Organizing a Small Space

  • Start with storage containers

Most people think their home is so tiny they can’t imagine fitting another organizing product into it, but the reality is without proper storage, your stuff no longer has a home and it often piles up into clutter.

The simple fact is, you have stuff, and usually its stuff you like and wish to keep and the way to keep it organized is to keep it in a container. It could be a bin, a box, a bag or any other type of storage container and the best part is you’ll always know where to keep it and retrieve it when you need it.

  • Maximize storage space with furniture

Utilize everyday items like an ottoman that could be used to store blankets or media in the television room. Under bed storage doesn’t take up any extra space and if equipped with drawers makes a great stow away spot for seasonal clothing.

Occasional tables and bedside tables with drawers are a great way to stash away all the little things you use on a regular basis such as magazines, newspapers, reading glasses, remote controls, etc.

  • Altitude adds vertical space. Look up

In small spaces it’s extremely important to maximize all of the space. Look up and think vertical. You could install extra shelves above your work space for extra books, papers and supplies. There’s usually about 3-5 feet of unused space in the upper portion of a closet that be utilized to store and organize extra linens, clothing or seasonal clothing.

A blank empty wall is a perfect place to mount some storage file pockets that could work in the kitchen to organize incoming mail and papers to be processed. Bulletin boards and magnetic boards mounted on a bare wall are also great places to hang or document upcoming activities and events, school reminders, discount coupons or grocery lists. Utilizing bare walls and the upper portions of basements and garages don’t necessitate any extra space and are super helpful for storing things off the floor, countertops and other surfaces.

  • Ready, set, go!

It’s common for most people to say that they don’t have time to do any organizing. The reality is everyone can fit 10-15 minutes into their schedule to work on just one small space or project.

There are numerous little tasks you can knock off in just a few minutes like filing a few papers, putting away a couple of items or just re-organizing one drawer in a desk or one shelf in a cabinet. With laser like focus work on just one small space and don’t let too many things pile up and get in the way.

  • Things that matter

 Chances are you use only 20% of what you own 80% of the time and probably don’t need most of the things that you’re keeping and don’t have enough space to store.

It’s time to let go of things that don’t really help you create your organized lifestyle. If you haven’t worn that outdated piece of clothing since last century, now’s the time to donate it. Examine the things that are just taking up space and consider clearing out just a few items and you’ll feel more in control of your space.

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