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Most of us have stuff. Lots of stuff! And we need a place to keep our stuff.

Some, if not most of the stuff is tucked away somewhere safe and secure. Perhaps in the basement, garage or attic. Other stuff, that we use on a regular and daily basis is kept close and handy and ready for use.

But what about the stuff we just don’t know what to do with? Or that we never if ever will use? Or the stuff we just might need someday?

That’s the stuff a junk drawer is designed to store and hold. It’s the stuff we come across that may have broken off an appliance or household item. It’s the stuff we infrequently use, if ever. It’s the little do dads and do dats that will end up in piles of clutter if we don’t something with them.

The junk drawer is exactly what’s called for under these circumstances. It’s not necessarily ‘junk’ per se, but it’s stuff that we’re afraid to let go of or things we need a place to ‘stuff’ them away. The primary place for all those odds and ends we come across need a home.

Your junk drawer serves an important purpose …

First, you’ll always have a place to put this stuff away when you don’t know of any other place to put it.

And second, you’ll always have a place to go to find it when you don’t know anywhere else to look for it.

All those little somethings need a place to call home and your ‘Junk Drawer’ is the perfect place!

All those little itty-bitty things you find and need to save because you don’t know what they go to or if you’ll need it again someday… keep them in the junk drawer. All those odds and ends that don’t seem to fit into specific categories of stuff are at home in the junk drawer. They all nestle together, comfortably snug just waiting for the day for you to discover them again. It’s almost like finding long lost treasure! Think of the adventure digging through your junk drawer searching for that lost something and low and behold you find it. What excitement! What joy! And oh, what a relief!

And that same sense of satisfaction comes when you just don’t know where to put some of that stuff. Put into the junk drawer and relieve your mind of the burden trying to figure out what to do with it or where to put it. No more piles of clutter! No worries! No guilt!

When it comes to de-cluttering and organizing, don’t spend your time, effort or emotional energy organizing your junk drawer… it’s not supposed to be organized… it’s designed to be a ‘catch all’ for all sorts of odds and ends, do dats and do dads.

Instead spend your time de-cluttering and organizing a primary space in your home or office that will give you beneficial results. You don’t spend much time inside your junk drawer and your time is better spent engaged in areas that will result in a positive impact on your lifestyle.

We all need a junk drawer… maybe even two. Designate at least one junk drawer in the kitchen and perhaps another in your home office. It’s like keeping a treasure trove on hand when you need it most.

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