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Winter’s chill is now upon us and with it comes the need to bundle up in bulky warm apparel. Ideally it would be nice to just to stay indoors at home and avoid the brutal wind chill and blustery snowy conditions outside. But if your home is in cluttered disarray and disorganized, it’s most likely the last place you’ll want to spend time.

Overcome an avoidance to cleaning up clutter and get your winter gear organized.

Here are the best ways to cure the cold weather clutter and keep your hats, gloves, scarves and snow boots all in order.

To create an orderly and organized home for winter accessories it’s essential that everything can be accessed quickly and easily and most importantly put away just as fast. For many of us it’s usually a place in the mudroom or in a coat closet in the entryway.

No matter the design and layout of your house, there is a variety of solutions that will help to keep things orderly and organized.

Organize Your Boots Using Trays or a Boot Rack

Our primary winter gear item is snowy, muddy, salty boots which are immediately removed once entering your home and most likely tossed into pile next to the doorway. To keep them neat and tidy place a tray on the floor of your entryway, mudroom or closet to keep them contained and allow them to dry out without staining the floor or carpet. And if space permits mount a boot rack on the inside of the closet wall or on the back of the closet door to keep them all out of the way and organized.

An ovover the door glove organizerer-the-door shoe organizer may not be suitable for boots, but it’s not just for shoes anymore! Instead of using it for shoes, you can use the pockets to store gloves, hats, scarves, earmuffs and anything else associated with cold weather comfort.




A Small Chest of Drawers is Designed for Storage

Placed in the entry way or inside a closet, a low standing chest of drawers that will fit underneath coats is a perfect place to keep winter gear handy. You can re purpose one you have from another room, find a decorative item from a thrift store or even purchase inexpensive basic plastic drawers. Sort and separate various types of winter gear by type and designate a specific drawer for each. You can further define different drawers for each member of your family and assign lower drawers that are easily reached for small children.

Cubbies and Bins Keep Winter Gear Contained

There is no better way to prevent winter gear piling up in the entry way than to contain it within cubbies or bins. Assign and designate specific cubbies or bins for hats, gloves, scarves and other accessories. It helps to remember where each item belongs when you set-up and label them for each family member to avoid mix up! Store the bins on the top shelf of a closet, under a shoe bench or in cubbies of the mudroom or entryway.

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