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Have you been wondering how to “magically” make clutter disappear?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to simply wave a magic wand, say the words abracadabra and in a poof your clutter’s gone?

Make Clutter Magically Disappear

Make Clutter Magically Disappear








Wouldn’t that be magical?

Don’t have a magic wand?

If you’re still wondering how to clear your clutter and you don’t have a magic wand, then hire a magician! Or you can hire a professional organizer.

The real magic to de-cluttering is taking the first step… taking action!

Make the decision you’re not going tolerate living with clutter anymore and that’s when the magic happens.

Take the next step and decide where to start…. Begin with an area most annoying and frustrating to you or an area where you spend the most amount of your time. In most homes it’s the kitchen/family room or bedroom.

Decide what you want to accomplish or achieve? Do you need to establish a place to keep things? Then assign them a “home” based on their purpose and use. Do you need to reduce the amount of things? If so, decide on donating them or in some cases adding them to the trash or recycle bin.

Pick one small area and begin with the urge to purge. Sort the things cluttering up this area into like categories to determine what you actually have and you’ll discover most of these things don’t contribute to your organized lifestyle.

In a small amount of time you’ll begin to experience and feel the magic behind de-cluttering.

The magic of de-cluttering comes first in your mind. As you take action, you’ll soon see clutter “magically” disappear!

I’d love to hear about how you magically make clutter disappear?

Please submit your comments!

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