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Too often a garage becomes a dumping zone for a wide variety of cast offs and detritus. With a little effort and organization you can maximize what’s likely the largest storage space in your home… your garage.

Not only can your garage become a great storage area, but can still provide space to park your car and store all your items.

Garage organization is not difficult nor is it expensive. Whether you have a large garage or just a small space, there are many things that you can do to utilize that space and give yourself a bit of additional storage.

Garages are Great for Storage

Garages are Great for Storage








There are many different ways that you can easily and quickly get your garage in good order. Not only are these methods easy and effective, many of them can be accomplished with only a little bit of your time.

Utilize Wall Space

A few strategically placed sturdy shelves and some clear plastic bins will really help you to get that garage organized. Plastic bins are inexpensive and when you label them, you will always know what goes into them so you can find what you need much faster. Labels make all the difference!

Containerize with Bins & Tubs

When you begin organizing, it is important that you group like items together. This ensures that you can easily find what you are looking for. Tubs with lids will stack or fit into most shelving units which make them a great choice for overall organization.

Just adding a few shelves will help immensely with storage issues and when you utilize wall space, you have much more floor room for larger items.

Add a Wall Organizer

Rubbermaid, as well as a few other companies, make systems that you can hang on the wall to organize tools, garden supplies and other items in the garage. You just mount the system and use hooks to hang things up. This is a great way to make more floor space in the garage and keep it well-organized at the same time.

Hanging Systems Saves Space

The key to keeping your garage organized is having a place for everything. Hanging things takes up no floor space and utilizes wall and ceiling space that is typically left forgotten. Installing hooks to create a hanging system gives you a place to store a variety of items like bikes, sporting equipment and garden tools that will hang right on the wall or from the ceiling to save space. Try to keep as many things off the floor as possible to allow for easy accessibility.

Installing hooks on the walls and ceilings work wonders to keep things handy and at the same time out of the way. The ceiling is a perfect place to install an overhead rack to store winter seasonal items.

Make use of Small Spaces – Install Cabinets

Even the smallest spaces can get organized. If you have a narrow space beside the garage door, why not utilize that space with a metal cabinet? The key is to use as much space as you can to get things put away. A rolling cart that will fit under a workbench is a great way to keep things handy when you need them and out of sight when you don’t.

The Zone System

Designate zones to store similar items together that are associated with specific activities. Instead of simply putting everything together on a shelf, create different zones based on what certain items are for and how often they’re used. Frequently used things for instance, could go into the same zone. Larger items should be grouped together and so on. Organizing similar items together into activity zones will help to always have a place for things and make it much easier to find it when you need it and put it away when you’re done.

Floor & Wall Covering Adds Pizzazz!

Your garage doesn’t necessarily have to look like a garage. You can paint and add a bit of color if you want to help brighten up that space or apply a colorful epoxy to dress up the floor.

I’d love to hear about your garage organizing accomplishments?

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