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Could be your dreaming of enough space in your garage to park your car this winter or a streamlined closet that makes it fast and easy to pick out your favorite fall outfit or even kitchen counter-tops clear and un-cluttered that allow for the quick preparation for game day munchies.

Whatever your dream of an organized life is, it can become a reality within a short time with only a few simple steps.

These 3 steps to will make your dream become reality in no time flat

1.) First and foremost it’s essential to create a vision of the life you want to live.

It’s sometimes very effective to write it down and post it so you can visibly refer to it;

My organizing goal is…

– to create space in the garage to park my car
– to de-clutter my closet so I can find my favorite outfit
– to clear the paper piles from my kitchen counters so I can get more done

How do you imagine yourself within this space?

– Is it clear and un-cluttered?
– Are surfaces free of stuff?
– Does it look open and airy?
– Does it feel calm and peaceful?
– Are things put away?

Decide what activities will take place in the space and what purpose or function should this room have?

Defining your goal is important for long lasting results.

Consider creating a vision board on Pinterest or magazine clippings as a guideline in helping you achieve your dream look.

2.) Identify and eliminate obstacles and roadblocks that prevent you from achieving your dream.

A common challenge for most people is not having enough available time in the day to engage in an organizing activity.

You can easily just use some of your “free time”… But you say you never have any “free time” to get started! And who nowadays has “free time”?

The best way around this obstacle is to schedule a date and time to start.

Make an appointment with yourself to begin to change your life.

Set a date and time limit.

When you’ve scheduled time to get organized, treat it as you would any other appointment such as your hair stylist, your doctor or your dentist, although it won’t hurt as much.

By setting a date and a time you’re more likely to follow through on the project.

Set aside 30 minutes or an hour once a week or twice a month.

At first it might be fun, but when you become physically tired and emotional drained you’ll be more apt to stop. This is why you’ll want to schedule small blocks of time.

Scheduling small blocks of time helps to prevent burnout and allows you to stop before becoming overwhelmed and you’ll find your progress increasing because you’re more focused and productive.

It helps to avoid waiting until the perfect time… “I’ll do it next weekend because I’m too busy this week or I’m waiting until next month when it’s not too hot”. Procrastination is the killer of productivity and it’s important to recognize that there is no perfect time to start. The best time to start is NOW!

3.) Develop and execute a step by step action plan to accomplish your dream.

Most people struggle to get organized because they may not know how.

There is an effective process to getting organized…

And in Julie Morgenstern’s bestselling book; Organizing from the Inside Out: The Foolproof System for Organizing Your Home, Your Office and Your Life

She describes the SPACE method of organizing…


  • Sort and Categorize Items
  • Purge and Reduce Items
  • Assign Items a Home
  • Containerize the Items
  • Equalize (Maintain)

These are the steps in the process of getting organized…

  • Sorting is the process by which you determine a sense of order for the items you have.
  • Purging is the process by which you make decisions on letting go of stuff.
  • Assigning a home for your items is the process to decide and designate a defined place where you’re going to keep them.
  • Containerizing is the process of grouping similar items together within their home.
  • Equalizing and maintaining is the process of adjusting and tweaking things according to your needs and lifestyle behaviors.

The last step of the organizing process is often the most neglected.

All your efforts can be lost if you don’t take time to maintain your space.

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