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Spring cleaning and organizing has arrived, and not surprisingly, some of us have been doing it all wrong!

You’ll have less stress and much better success when you avoid these common mistakes.

As the cold weather weans itself away and the bright cheery sun begins to shine, it seems like everyone becomes obsessed with spring cleaning. From the closets to the file cabinets to the shelves in between these simple guidelines will help you stop wasting time, effort and energy getting everything in order.

Don’t: Spring clean

A common American family can fill a large dumpster with all the stuff they’ve accumulated over the course of several years. Don’t limit yourself to only clean and organize in the springtime, but do it a couple of times throughout the year.

Don’t: Try to do it all at once

The biggest mistake is to try and do it all in one weekend. Most likely it took some time to get this way (perhaps several years) and it will take some time to get in back in control. It’s unrealistic to expect you’re going to clean and organize the entire house in the next few hours. Instead, focus and prioritize on the areas that frustrate you the most.

Don’t: Clean whenever you feel you might get around to it

Perhaps your thinking, Yeah, I’ll get around to it next weekend, and before you know it something always comes up and its now the middle of summer. If it’s not planned and scheduled, most likely it will never happen. The biggest mistake is to never set a date and time for it.  Put it into your calendar just like any other activity or event. You’re more likely to follow through with it when it’s written down.

Don’t: Overlook the small stuff

It’s often the small stuff that piles up into clutter. You know, those itty-bitty things that you just don’t know what to do with? Not making a decision on what to do with these things leaves you feeling like all your efforts are unaccomplished. The big things are easiest, but it’s to your advantage to not overlook the small stuff as well. Yeah, it’s tedious, but the difference you’ll experience will be truly uplifting and empowering.

Now let’s take a look at what you should do…

Do: Take on one area or task at a time

Whether you are cleaning or organizing, choose one small area at a time and focus on that exclusively. Avoid star bursting and trying tackle multiple areas all at once. Pick just one project a weekend and for only a couple of hours. Stay focused on this area until you reached a level of satisfaction and then move onto other areas of your home. You may have to revisit it again if your allotted time period is expired. In the long run, you’ll accomplish It all with better results.

Do: Start with a plan

Having a clear vision of what you want to achieve will help you accomplish it with less stress and provide you more success. Define your goals. State your objectives and create a list of tasks. A systematic approach will allow you to measure your progress and accomplish much more in less time.

Do: Finish what you started

This goes hand-in-hand with don’t try to do it all at once. Practically speaking, you’ll never feel a level of completion if you fail to follow through. Unfinished results will leave feeling guilty and lower your self-esteem. You’ll be rewarded with much better results with the little extra bit of time and effort you put into now.

Do: Ask for help

It may feel overwhelming to try and do it all by yourself. When the task seems too over bearing, don’t be hesitant to ask friends or family for help — and if it’s really overwhelming — a professional. When you share the task with someone else, it makes it more fun and less tedious. Moreover, the extra help will allow you to accomplish it in less time!

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