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Don’t Stress over a Paper Mess

It’s no surprise that paper clutter causes stress!

Dealing with a pile of papers leads to a loss of time, a loss of productivity and increasingly a loss of sanity.

There are a lot of good reasons to stop paper piles. Primarily, paper clutter complicates your life and having a good system in place to manage your paper makes it easier to pay bills on time, find information faster, and reduce stress and anxiety.

The #1 reason to stop paper piles is to reduce stress and save time

The most effective method to stopping papers from piling up is to have a simple and easy plan. Everyone can execute a plan that is simple and easy and I’ve developed this method just for you.

S.T.A.R.T. a Paper Processing System

Sort papers To Act On from Records & Reference Papers then Toss the Rest

The objective of this system is to Sort and Separate papers that need To Be Acted On from those that are Retained for Record Keeping and Reference and then Toss the rest.

This is a simple and easy process for clearing away the piles of paper and it’s a system that works wonderfully when you work the system.

Whether its bits of scrap paper used to write down notes, shopping receipts, correspondence from work or the daily mail, every piece of paper that comes into your life falls into one of three categories; Action Papers, Records and Reference Papers, Trash Paper.

First and most importantly are those papers that require immediate action; like a bill that needs to be paid on time or correspondence that requires your reply.

Secondarily are those papers that need to be retained for future reference or record keeping such as tax related documents and insurance papers which are most effectively kept in a file box or file drawer.

And lastly are those papers that can be either be tossed, recycled, shredded and thrown away.

You’ll have a high degree of success stopping paper piles when you work this system to process your papers.


I’m happy to help you conquer your paper mess and am offering my just published E-Book

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How to Stop Paper Piles Now & Forever - by Randy S. Wickstrom Purple Durple Organizers

A Guide to Eliminating Paper Clutter and Creating a Lifestyle with Less Stress & More Success!

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