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Along with the over commercialism the Holiday’s bring with it, we still wish to embrace warm and cherished memories the season has to offer.

The holiday season can also add to our clutter. Our homes can be overwhelmed with gift wrapping supplies, holiday decor, gifts and more.

In the spirit of the holiday season consider minimizing your stuff, your preparations and maximizing your enjoyment with family and friends!

Here are a few ways to enjoy less stress and have more success for your holiday season:

Give experiential gifts… Consider concert tickets, a theater performance, a gift certificate for a spa or beauty salon, a movie ticket, a pass to an amusement park, or a gift certificate for a massage.

Give gifts of memories… Creating a photo album, picture calendars, videos, a hand-written letter or inspirational story for an important person in your life can be the greatest gift of all and long lasting as well.

Give gifts that can be consumed… Yes! Food is a great way to warm and nourish the soul. Consider giving a fruit basket, cracker and cheese assortment, specialty baked goodies or even a gift card to the recipient’s favorite restaurant. Other thoughtful consumable gifts include beauty products, candles and wine and spirits.

Give a teaching moment… a learning experience. What recipient wouldn’t be pleased with a series of cooking classes, a magazine subscription or a art gallery or museum membership.

Give a gift of your time … Imagine how delighted a parent would be receiving a gift of free babysitting or a next-door neighbor appreciating your gift to shovel snow from their driveway or mowing the lawn in the spring. Perhaps you can offer to prepare a meal for a senior shut in just spending an afternoon with them in fellowship and companionship. Giving your time, truly, your most valuable resource, to someone you love this year can be one of the most rewarding gifts you’ll also enjoy.

I’m looking forward to celebrate the holidays with less and wish you the same!

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