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De-cluttering your home can be time consuming and a lot of effort. And today’s busy lifestyles leave us little free time to engage in any extra hard work.

Many of us have accumulated years’ worth of stuff that somehow has never been put away nor organized. And we don’t have all the time in a day to tackle it all at once, but with some quick and easy techniques to help you de-clutter more quickly, more efficiently and more effectively, you’ll be rewarded with rapid results sooner.

1) Begin with an area that will immediately have a positive impact on your productivity.

2) Set a timer and go through an area of your home in less than 10 minutes and quickly identify 10 items that you can purge, place them into a box or bag and immediately put the box or bag into your car for drop off at your favorite donation center.

3) Conquer the fear of purging by taking photographs and create a digital album stored on your computer to capture the memory of the items you may be fearful of purging. Creating memories with a picture of the item and the person is a great way to savor your memories without saving the stuff.

4) Keep an ongoing donation box easily accessible. Place an ongoing donation box on the floor of a closet and whenever you come across something you no longer use or love simply drop it into your donation box and when it becomes full, put it into your car to easily drop off at your favorite charity center. An ongoing donation box makes it quick and easy to get rid of things, rather than leaving it lying around as clutter, or having to make any extra effort to get rid of it.

5) De-clutter quickly by practicing the 10 in 10 rule. Life is busy and you don’t have hours to de-clutter your home. Pick a room or specified space and pick up or put away 10 items in 10 minutes or less. In only 10 minutes, you’ll be amazed how much de-cluttering you can accomplish in so little time.

6) Practice the “one thing in, one thing out” rule. In an effort to avoid adding more stuff (which then becomes clutter) to what you already have, whenever you buy or bring something new into your home, find one thing to get rid of in its place. An ongoing donation box makes it easy to get rid of something whenever you bring something new into your home.

7) Get the stuff out of the house right away. When you’ve decided to purge an item, try to get it out of your house as soon as possible. Don’t procrastinate or give yourself, or anyone else in your family, a second chance for it to remain clutter.

Get the whole family involved. Every household member should be included in discussions about their responsibility in maintaining an organized space. Teach the importance of putting items back into their designated home.

When you make the choice to de-clutter you’ll experience:

  • More time and energy for the people and activities you love
  • A more spacious, peaceful, calmer and clutter-free home
  • More time and freedom to pursue your goals and priorities
  • Less time spent cleaning and managing the things you own
  • Easier to keep your home tidy and organized
  • Less stress and more success!

Often these small steps will have a big impact on how efficiently and effectively you de-clutter. They’re quick and easy to implement and you’ll start seeing results sooner!

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