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Especially this time of year, we don’t need more stuff! What we do need is a way to keep the true meaning of the holiday in consideration.

I’m committed to creating ways for you to get organized and fully enjoy a life without clutter and reduce the stress that can be overwhelming at this time of year.

Here are some ways to have more meaning and memories with less stress and more success!

1. Do they really want or need it?

Before purchasing that “perfect” gift for a special friend or family member, please consider if it’s going to end up becoming clutter. It’s best to ask family and friends what’s on their wish list. This simple step can eliminate the possibility that your “perfect” gift doesn’t end up stuffed into the bottom of the closet or banished to the basement for an eternity.

2. Go green!

What better way to reduce clutter than to recycle, reuse and re-gift. With little effort it’s likely you can identify a variety of items within our own homes that just don’t serve your purpose. Most often these items just didn’t fit your needs, but often can be ideal gifts for those without. Think about that bread maker, pasta maker or George Foreman grill you’ve never unpacked and used. There’s likely someone you know that could really benefit from it.

3. Homemade beats store-bought

Who doesn’t love to receive something special that’s made from the heart? Crafters can consider making and giving ornaments that will be cherished and handed down for years to come. If you’re handy at knitting, sewing, quilting or needlepoint, consider making specialized items with that someone special in mind.

One of my most prized gifts is an afghan blanket my grandmother made for me when I was young. And on cold days I’m wrapped up with fond memories of her when I’m cuddled up on the couch in it.

4. Give the gift of food

Your homemade jams, cookies and pastries will always hold a savory spot under the tree. And best of all, won’t end up in clutter pile after the holiday season has long gone.

5. Give an experience, not the stuff

Do you have a sports fan on your list? Consider giving tickets to an upcoming game of their favorite team. Do they enjoy the arts? Consider tickets to the opera, a play or a symphony concert. Music fans would certainly enjoy concert tickets to their favorite band and kids would gush at the opportunity to attend a special event like the circus or other children’s’ themed events.

A final thought… Give a gift to charity

The true spirit of the holiday is giving and what better way to make someone feel good than to give a donation to their favorite charity on their behalf. This could be in the form of a monetary donation; specialty items purchased for specific organizations like Toys for Tots or even donate your time at your local food pantry or religious organization.


I’d love to hear the ways you plan to reduce clutter this holiday season?

Please submit your comments!

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