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Are you dreaming of celebrating a clutter free and organized Holiday season?

If your dreams are a nightmare about not having enough time or enough money and enough energy to manage all the holiday tasks and chores and to celebrate, too…

There’s hope!

What’s the best way to enjoy a stress free, calm Holiday Season?

Simplify the season by doing less and enjoying it more!

Try some of these Strategies to Holiday Simplicity

Chop down your to-do list. Ask yourself, “If I don’t do this, what’s the worse that will happen?” Eliminate those tasks you hate doing every year just because you’ve always done them in the past. Reduce your list of chores to only the ones that promote happy memories.

Cut back on the gift list. Restrain yourself with becoming involved in gift exchanges that have become routine or have lost their true meaning. Limit your gift giving to children whom most likely it will create a lasting memory.

Simplify kitchen chaos… Buy, don’t bake. Avoid the oven this year. Your local bakery or supermarket are a great resource for tasty, and often times handmade holiday treats. Also think finger foods and tidbits for entertaining and not preparing a full feast. A buffet laid out with small appetizer sized delicacies is easier on the work load than a big sit-down dinner.

Scale back on the decorations. Save yourself from the frustration fumbling around in the attic or basement searching for holiday decorations that have lost their luster. A simple door wreath on the outside of the front door and a small tabletop tree can be far more festive than an overbearing spruce that barely fits into your living room. A focus on simplifying your holiday décor can bring a festive feel to the house without days long decorating sessions.

Stay home! Cuddling up with those you love trumps holiday travel any day. A “stay-cation” at home allows family and friends to gather together spending time creating memories that will last a lifetime.

The True Meaning of the Season. I’ve saved this one until last because it’s the most important… the Holidays mean a lot of different things to different people, but no matter your beliefs, I feel we can all agree that it is a time of celebrating the season, giving to others and cherishing the memories that are made at this time of year. Simplify to really enjoy it.

Simplify your holiday and celebrate the season!

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