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I’m proud to be an American! I’m happy to be free. And I’m delighted to have freedom of choice. Most of all I have the freedom to choose to live without clutter!

The freedom to choose how you wish to live is your right as an American. And you have the right to live without clutter too.

Exercise your freedom… follow your dreams… make it your choice to live without clutter with these simple steps.

Free Yourself of Clutter

Free Yourself of Clutter







Assign Items a Home

One of the major causes of clutter is not having an assigned home for your things. Everything in your home should have an assigned place or “home”. Every time you’re done using something it should be placed back in its home. Most of has heard the saying “everything has a place and everything is kept in its place”. The joy you’ll feel cannot describe how great it is to find what you’re looking for when you need it, but knowing where it goes after your done using it.

Purge Regularly

Develop a habit of reducing unneeded or unused items on a regular basis. Ask yourself when is the last time I needed this item? Or when was the last time I used it? Most items that are not serving your needs or go unused are tucked away in long lost boxes in the basement, attic or garage or piled into closets and cabinets. One of the easiest ways to purge regularly is to place a donate box prominently in an easy to access area and every time you come across something you seldom or never use, drop it into the donate box. By the end of the month you’ll be surprised how many items have filled the box. With little extra time and effort, you now have a full box of clutter that you can easily put it into the car and drop it off at your favorite charity.

One Thing In, One Thing Out Rule

As proud Americans we’ve become conditioned to be consumers. It’s common to buy bigger and better things. Most often it makes us feel good, but what about the things we already own? Most likely they become clutter. Relegated to be tossed aside for the shiny new thing we just bought. What do we do with them? Put them into the back of the closet, into the basement, attic or garage, never to see the light of day again. Why? Most likely we’ll never use them again and moreover they’ll become outdated and obsolete. The solution is: whenever you bring a new item into your home, plan on getting rid of the one you’re replacing. You can “gift” it to a friend or family member, donate it to your favorite charity or sell through the secondary marketplace.

Enjoy the Experience – Avoid the Stuff

One of the most joyful ways to live without clutter is to practice enjoying the experiences of your life instead of the stuff we consume. Spending your time engaging in fulfilling activities with friends and family has far more meaning than a souvenir t-shirt, mug or poster of an event.

To live free without clutter is what being a proud American is all about. Celebrate your independence. Celebrate your freedom!

I’d love to hear about how you free yourself from clutter?

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