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Summer time means on the go. We’re often busy rushing from one activity or event to another… the beach, sporting activities and events, backyard barbeques and picnics, nature and cultural programs, etc.

It’s challenging enough to arrive on time, let alone be prepared with all the supplies and materials associated with each activity.

Keeping things simple and carefree is what summer time should be. Spending more time enjoying your activities and relaxing outdoors and less time crawling through a pile clutter looking for your flip-flops or picnic basket is what the carefree days of summer is all about.

An Organized Summer is Within Reach

An Organized Summer is Within Reach








With these simple steps you can keep yourself and your stuff in order throughout the summer.

1. Create a Winter Storage Area and Store Seasonal Items out of the Way

Establish a winter storage area in your attic, garage or basement. Start with heavy-duty plastic shelving, some clear plastic totes and a canvas-covered clothing rack and store anything unrelated to summer time activities in this area.

This makes everything easily accessible and allows you to take a yearend inventory and toss or donate things you no longer use or wear. (clean your coats and winter apparel before storing them, and use cedar blocks to keep them smelling nice.)

By creating a designated space to stow away seasonal items you’ll have more usable space to store and organize everything associated for your summer time activities.

2. Create and Establish Designated “homes” for Summer Time Items

A big challenge most family’s face is that summer time stuff has no designated home. Since no one knows where anything is located and where to put it away, most likely you’re wasting time and effort searching for it or piling it haphazardly anywhere that seems convenient.

Some common examples include;

Sunscreen, insect repellent, lotions and creams

Beach towels, bathing suits, flip flops

Picnic and backyard barbeque supplies

Sporting equipment

Consider the things you use for specific activities and group like items together in designated places within your home so you’ll always have what you need when you need it.

3. Keep Your Surfaces Clutter Free

To minimize clutter and keep things simple always put things away immediately after using them.

All summer long you’ll be on the go and to ensure everything is always in order and prepared for the next outing or event keep everything in its designated home.

It’s common to set things down on the first available surface with good intentions to put it away later, but when does later arrive? Tomorrow, next week, next month? The busier you are the less time you’ll have later and to avoid piles of clutter it’s important to put it away now.

You can also consider keeping surfaces clear by instituting daily cleanups right after dinner or before bedtime, when everyone puts away their stuff.

With a few simple steps you’ll have less clutter and more time to enjoy the long endless days of summer!

I’d love to hear about how you stay organized during the summer?

Please submit your comments!

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